Shr_ip - Expected(Goal) share for product p by segment i - estimated by the manager

SH_is - Shopping Habbits by segment i on store s

SF_s - Number of sales people on store s

SF_sp - Sales forces % of effort for product p on store s

PR_ps - Selling price for product p on store s

A_i – Prognosed size of segment i for the next period

P – Set of products (SONO, SOLD…)

I – Set of segments (Hi, Pr, Bu …)

S – Set of stores

N - Number of sales people

Rev_p - Revenue by product p

Rev_sp - Revenue by store s only on product p

Rev_s - Revenue by store s

Rev - Whole Revenue

Rev_sp = sum{s}{S}{}sum{i}{I}{A_i*SH_is*PR_ps*Shr_ip}
Rev_p = sum{s}{S}{Rev_sp}
Rev_s = sum{p}{P}{Rev_sp}
Rev = sum{s}{S}{Rev_s}
SF_s = { Rev_s/Rev } * N
SF_sp = { Rev_sp/Rev_s } * 100

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